Team6 designs and develops mobile top games, major console titles and a wide collection of ‘games for good’, amongst them health and exercise games.

Team6 is known for always delivering more than our clients ask for. This comes natural for us, as we only develop games we like to play ourselves when finished; and in case of our ‘games for good’ department, because our products make a real difference on a global scale!




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What we do

Our services range from concept to design, from production to live-events, from an advising role to full game development: Team6 offers deep experience in every aspect of gaming for every available platform due to our extensive track record.

The People behind Team6
The atmosphere, the creativity, the final result we all work towards and are always proud of: we’re working with a very tight team who have been working together for over a decade, carrying an invaluable amount of experience along the way. Who starts working at Team6 rarely wants to leave Team6: so we must be doing something good!

Team6 is founded in 2001 and that makes us (for an independent game developer) pretty old.
During this period, we’ve improved our network; not just by working with the global top-3 leading companies in this sector, but especially strengthening our relation with our most reliable customers; integrity is key for us.
Aside from growing the group Team6 belongs to, our quality, efficiency and workflow processes are also under constant improvement; we like to learn.
Since the time Team6 was founded, a lot has changed in the game industry. From a wild-west culture, it has grown to become the largest industry existing, as everybody seems to have either a mobile phone or a game console and everybody knows the platforms we release our games on, such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
Despite our mileage, Team6 is always first when supporting new hardware and recognizing, adopting market trends. In the era where Nintendo Wii dominated the global game market, it was our Engine Six that supported the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS (and got so much performance out of this) as one of the first engines. When dynamic in-game advertising was born, Team6 was the first to recognize and believe in the potential of the synergy between marketing and gaming and our games were one of the first to have benefit from this due to our very pleasant cooperation with (at that time) market leader DoubleFusion.
And when the mobile market rised out of nowhere, #1 global leader Nvidia chose Team6 to develop a game (Flatout Stuntman) to show the audience what their finest, latest hardware was capable of; an honor to do so!
Now, 2019, Team6 is in the front line again with our work in the field of combining the fun and addiction games provide and use it for good such as health, exercise and education; with the great, immersive experience virtual reality provides; and by supporting the latest consoles that will only be released the next years!