Platforms: iOS
Release Date: Coming Soon
Publisher: Blue Goji
Official Website: Furiends



Furiends is a one-of-a-kind augmented reality experience, where you get to take care of your own virtual dog. Play and walk with your Furiend, feed it well and make sure it drinks plenty of water!

A key component of Furiends is the step-tracking feature: to take care of their virtual pet, players need to be physically active. Players are given step goals to achieve or exceed, so that they are consistently motivated to stay active.

Do you want to get your hands on your virtual puppy? Sign up at the official website to know exactly when Furiends is available to download!

Play With Me

Who’s a good pup?! Your Furiend deserves it all – rope toys, plushies, balls, and more are available for plenty of playtime.

Feed Me

Your Furiend’s gotta eat. Embrace their puppy eyes and give them the best of the best with premium kibble, wet food, and treats. Oh heck, even get them a steak!

Dress Me Up

Your real dog may disapprove of clothes but your Furiend aims to be best dressed. Accessorize and clothe your pup in a wide variety of items, from realistic to fantastic.