Our Games

Team6 Game Studios is the home base of our four individual divisional studios: Rebel Games, Bee Royale, Cherrycan and Games for Good. Each studio strives to achieve world-class quality in its own way. Together they build towards our common goal: delivering what gaming should be.

Super Street: The Game


Uphill Rush

Monster Jam: As Big As It Gets

Flatout Stuntman

Engines of War

Road Rage

Monster Jam

Speed (2010)

Glacier 3 (2010)

Games for Good


Goji Farm is a farming resource game that has you growing crops to make deliciously healthy smoothies. Gameplay involves various aspects of farm management, such as planting, growing, harvesting, raising livestock, and selling your smoothies to new customers!

Goji Farm focuses on ingredients that fit a healthy life style: blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, kale, bananas, avocados, honey and fat-free yogurt.


In Paper Dash, you play a fearless paper girl as she pedals through the suburbs and city on your quest to deliver papers to your various subscribers. Optimized for use with Goji Play, you’ll be rewarded for the amount of time you spend delivering papers as well as for your aim in accurately getting papers to your customers. Be on the lookout for pesky dogs, road construction, and other obstacles that will try and slow you down.


Get behind the wheel of your trusty Kart and race through 3 fairy-tale inspired worlds in Castle Karts! Collect coins, take down rival racers, and avoid obstacles as you try to capture the checkered flag. Use your coins to unlock new Karts and worlds!

Play in either the endless mode, or challenge yourself to the arcade mode which will have you zooming through checkpoints to stay in the race.


Take control of various attack helicopters and battle through wave after wave of enemies. Use your perfect timing skills to take down your enemies, use you reflexes to dodge incoming missiles. Battle through the arctic, the desert and the pacific, the high visual quality will be a treat for your eyes! Choose from a large arsenal of attack helicopters, eliminate all resistance and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards! Are you up for the fight?